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High power inverter with good development​

High power inverter with good development

With the domestic power plant owner investment experience more and more rich, the choice of equipment is also more and more focused on the first investment, operation and maintenance investment and power generation balance between the three, which also led to the inverter to "high power smaller , Small power bigger "new trend development.


"High power smaller", mainly refers to the centralized inverter power density continuing to increase (power unchanged volume reduction), this trend by Foshan Top One Power Technology Company achieved good Effect.


"High-power inverter volume reduction" sounds simple, it is not easy to do it, to re-define the original model topology, but also consider dust, heat and other issues. However, once the volume reduction has been achieved for the subsequent application to provide great convenience.


In the highly competition today, if anyone dare to boldly say that their 500kW inverter cost a watt 0.2 yuan, it is enough to make all the PV people eyebrows, and not lamented their high cost, but worried that such a cost how they live .Therefore, the "high-power inverter volume reduction" first focus on the cost reduction. Through the adjustment of topology and cooling technology, centralized inverter not only reduce the volume, while the cost has been greatly reduced, the market competitiveness also increased.


In addition, the high-power inverter volume can be reduced significantly after the reduction of transportation and handling costs, while improving the ease of operation and maintenance. The simplest example, the traditional centralized inverter before and after the door, not only to install before and after the opening space to open, but also to the operation and maintenance engineers caused a lot of trouble; volume reduction after the centralized inverter to achieve a single open the door that can be installed against the wall, single-sided maintenance, greatly improving the installation and maintenance convenience.


"Small power bigger", mainly refers to the group string inverter power increases. Simply speaking, two years ago 20KW inverter in the industrial and commercial roof projects in the application of the most, and now 30-40KW has became the mainstream, recently many enterprises making 50KW inverter has also cut a striking figure in the market.


Group string inverter power from 20KW to 50KW, the biggest advantage is to reduce the number of machines and the whole system, thus greatly reducing the impact of grid harmonics on the grid. At the same time, after the power increasing, the efficiency of single conversion is greatly improved, which can effectively improve the overall power generation efficiency of PV system.


Another advantage of "small power bigger" has to mention the significant savings in inverter equipment, one-time investment. In this way, the increase in power generation, the initial investment in the system is reduced, and one is greatly improved the owner of the investment income.


"High power smaller, small power bigger" trend, from the "high power station investment income," the market demand to promote forward, the specific results should also be the actual operation of the power plant to test. And we are looking forward to more companies that can stand out, according to market demand for the introduction of more new products and new technologies.

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