BYD to enter the US new energy market and UNEP to push the global electric travel

In the September 10 to 13, BYD announced at the US International Solar Show in Las Vegas, USA, that the company won the 170-megawatt solar module in the United States, the US media said on September 14, , The order amount of 10 million US dollars. In addition, BYD also revealed that plans later this year in the United States launched the home energy storage system B-Box high pressure version.
According to the United States, "Urban Transport magazine" (Mass Transit Magazine) website reported on September 12, according to the announcement of the successful results, BYD's successful 170MW solar component procurement projects will be fully supplied to the global new energy project developer NextEra Energy for the United States The construction of many domestic solar power stations.
Reported that the theme of the first day of the exhibition forum, BYD overseas general manager of solar sales Zhao Tong introduced BYD integrated photovoltaic and energy storage project development, especially in the UK to take the lead in the world's first "light storage integration" project business Of the operation, which also paved the way for the company's recent breakthrough in the United States. Zhao Tong said, "The successful bid for the US area of 170 megawatts of solar orders, proved that BYD's new energy technology and quality has been recognized by the world's most stringent market.Piadi has not only successfully achieved in the field of solar energy commercial operation , Also continue to explore the possibility in the field of wind energy in the future, 'light storage integration' will also introduce the layout of the electric car charging network to achieve from the power generation, electricity and electricity zero emissions ecology closed loop.
According to the news network - the reporter learned that, NextEra Energy company in the field of solar energy and wind energy installed the world's first, 2016 annual revenue of nearly 16.2 billion US dollars. After several rounds of rigorous quality and performance testing, BYD from the many bidders stand out, successfully gains the order, the transaction amount exceeded 10 million US dollars.

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