Fronius Solar Energy opened a Hungarian branch offic

Fronius Solar Energy opened a Hungarian branch office on 1st June 2017. 

"We have already been selling our solar technology to customers in Hungary since 2010. Today we operate a large sales and service partner network in Hungary, and are one of the market leaders in the photovoltaics sector," says Verena Huber, area sales manager at Fronius. To provide Hungarian customers with even more targeted support, Fronius opened its new premises in Tatabánya, some 70 kilometres from Budapest, on 1st June. "Fronius Hungary is the 20th branch office of our Business Unit," adds a delighted Martin Hackl, head of the Business Unit Solar Energy at Fronius International GmbH. "This represents another significant step in our internationalisation strategy."

"It is much easier, quicker and efficient to communicate with our partners in their native tongue. Even complex issues can be explained in greater detail. As an industry benchmark for service quality, support and training, this is a very important criterion for us," explains Verena Huber. 

"This trend demonstrates that generating electricity from renewable sources, such as solar energy, is playing an ever more important role in Hungary too," adds Hackl. "This is in complete alignment with our vision of 24 hours of sun, a future in which 100% of the world’s energy needs are covered by renewable sources."

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