"Fuguang complementary" new highlights of photovoltaic power generation

China's solar photovoltaic network: the ground factory of marine aquaculture, aquaculture pool above the photovoltaic power generation - built in the city of Fangchenggang port town of light slope town of Sha Lo Liao village "fishing light complementary" project, is the photovoltaic power generation and fish, shrimp factory Breeding organic combination of the use of outdoor power plant, indoor farming model, to achieve the industrialization of aquaculture and photovoltaic power generation win-win situation.
Recently, the reporter visited the "fishery complementary" project site. I saw a few hundred acres of mariculture pool above, standing a greenhouses, above the greenhouse is a piece of photovoltaic components. "Look, that a piece of solar panels above, is the light source, the sun shines on the sun panels to produce photovoltaic effects, generate direct current, by our inverter into AC, can be boosted to 110 kV, and then sent to Our substation, to achieve photovoltaic power generation. "Guangxi Xijiang Environmental Energy Technology Industry Company General Manager Tan Jiajun told reporters. This 300 acres of greenhouse above the PV module, can achieve annual power generation of more than 9000 million kwh, June 30 this year, successful power generation, is expected to output value of more than 90 million yuan, and the annual savings of 28,000 tons of standard coal to reduce emissions 7.8 Tons of carbon dioxide.
Greenhouse below, is a typical modern mariculture workshop, shrimp pool inside the oxygen machine rotation, a variety of fish and shrimp jump. Xinrun farming company technical director Tang Shengli said: "photovoltaic power generation to change the traditional mariculture, through outdoor power generation, indoor farming, so that the indoor temperature control, can be achieved summer can cool winter can be warm, summer can drop 7 ℃, 5 ℃ or so, changed the past, the traditional culture due to the temperature can not control a year up to 2 raised the situation, in the photovoltaic power plant, a year can raise 3-4 made. Moreover, the annual yield of shrimp up to 4000-5000 kg, Production is 8-10 times higher than traditional farming.
The project to achieve the "one to dual use, intensive and efficient" effect, became the local farmers get rich "patron", farmers can rent the land to Xinrun farming company, but also to enter the company to work. According to the port area aquatic bureau of the relevant leadership, the project in June this year and power generation since the provision of more than 200 seasonal jobs, to solve the light slope town of Shaoliao Liao village poor households employment, but also radiation to promote the surrounding mariculture, and the surrounding Farmers to establish a good interactive relationship, driven by farmers out of poverty.

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