China's household PV market size or ultra-US to become the world's first

China's first household PV conference, the US data research company IHS Markit senior analyst Xie Feng said that 2016-2020, household market will gradually shift from Europe to the Americas and the Asia-Pacific region, from the pure subsidy model to self-use The According to the analysis, China's household PV scale in 2017 will reach 2GW, which means that in the field of household photovoltaic, China will likely be more than the United States to become the first.
According to reports, China's largest household PV market in the eastern coast, to Jiangsu and Zhejiang, Shandong, Anhui, Jiangxi-based. "My personal point of view is three to five years, the market gradually shift to the mainland trend, such as Guangdong may be the first, the second in Hubei, Hunan, and gradually there will be household demand "Xie Feng analysis that China 's market is relatively large," I personally think that the business model is more, the future should be gradually biased in favor of this one to do, the proportion of power grid less and less.
From the model side, the business model of the global market in the United States is a good example in the United States both active and non-active states in the development model like California is willing to pay the money. Do not want to paste the state how to do it? Xie Feng provides the solution is to lease for the purpose of building their own business model, to provide benefits to tenants.

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