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Foshan Top One Power Technology Co., Ltd (Abbr. ONE-SOLAR) is specializing in manufacturing and marketing high quality new energy products, the main products include inverter, power Inverter, solar power inverter, solar controller, pure sine wave inverter, frequency inverter, battery inverter, solar controller and so on. The performance of the products has reached CE, EMC and FCC standards.(Abbr. ONE-SOLAR) is a professional designer, manufacturer in frequency inverter, power inverter, solar power system, pure sine wave inverter, MPPT and PWM solar charger controller, UPS uninterruptable power supply inverter and so on. With scale of 5000 square meter workshop, 100 workers and 20 engineers, we awarded China National High-tech Enterprise. The performance of our product has reached CE, EMC, FCC, IEC standards.

Over these years, ONE-SOLAR has recruited talented people and established a professional and technical team with high quality. With a serious, responsible, practical and hard working style, we have established our own corporate image of vitality and creativity. Since our inception, we have established long-term and friendly business relationships with more than 100 countries and regions around the world. With a series of patents and intellectual property rights, our independent brand "ONE-SOLAR" has got high visibility and reputation at inland and abroad.

Based on the technological innovation to keep our top rank in business, which is the key of competitive price and good quality, our monthly output reaches more than 60000 sets and there are more than 15 people in the R&D department. As a top innovative enterprise, our annual export value reaches more than 10 million dollars.

In the future, we will continue to improve our design, quality and service level as always. We will adhere to the business philosophy of "innovation, prudence and mutual gains" to meet the needs of our customers to the greatest extent. We sincerely hope to cooperate with you in a friendly way to achieve mutual gains situation and seek common development.


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Contact: Mr. Henry Lee

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Company: Foshan Top One Power Technology Co., Ltd

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