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  • Best Inverter for Solar
  • Best Inverter for Solar
  • Best Inverter for Solar
  • Best Inverter for Solar
  • Best Inverter for Solar
Best Inverter for SolarBest Inverter for SolarBest Inverter for SolarBest Inverter for SolarBest Inverter for Solar

Best Inverter for Solar

  • Model No.: HSIplus Series
  • Rated Power: 1000W~1200W
  • DC Input: 12/24VDC; AC Output: 120/220/230VAC; Output Frequency: 50/60Hz Automatic Recognition
  • inbuilt MPPT Solar Charger: 30A/40A
  • Product description: ONE SOLAR offers the best inverter for solar energy systems. Our HSIplus Series inverters are perfect for residential or commercial applications with a rated power of 1000W~1200W.

Product details of best inverter for solar

Introduction of best inverter for solar

When it comes to solar energy, having the best inverter is essential to ensuring that your system runs smoothly and efficiently. There are a few different factors that you'll need to consider when choosing an inverter, such as the type of panels you have, the size of your system, and your budget.

One of the best inverters on the market is the OneSolar HSiPlus. This inverter is designed for use with both crystalline and thin-film solar panels, and can be used with systems of up to 10 kilowatts. It's also one of the most affordable inverters, making it a great option for those on a budget.

The benefits of using a solar inverter

Solar inverters offer a number of advantages, including increased efficiency and lower operating costs. Solar inverters also have a longer lifespan than traditional power inverters, and require little to no maintenance.

Looking for the best inverter for solar?

Look no further than ONE SOLAR! Our HSIplus inverter is one of the most popular choices for solar installations. If you're looking for a reliable and efficient inverter, ONE SOLAR is the best choice!

best inverter for solar

Video Preview of ONE SOLAR inverter application

Various products of ONE SOLAR

Parameter of Best Inverter for Solar
Product HSIplus Seires Best Inverter for Solar
Model HSIplus-102 HSIplus-122
Capacity Rated Power 1000W 1200W
Peak Power 3000W 3600W
Input Battery voltage 12/24VDC

DC input voltage

10.5-15VDC (12V) / 21-30VDC (24V)

AC Mains

input range

170-275VAC (220/230/240VAC) ±4%

70-150VAC (110/120/130VAC) ±4%

AC input


50Hz: 45-65Hz / 60Hz: 55-65Hz, ±0.5Hz

(50Hz/60Hz automatic recognition)


Low voltage

and restore

≤10.5VDC (12V) / ≤21VDC (24V) alarm

≤10VDC (12V) / ≤20VDC (24V) automatic shutdown

Low voltage protection & restore value are programmable:

10-15VDC (12V) / 20-30VDC (24V)

High voltage

≥15VDC (12V) / ≥30VDC (24V) alarm

≥17VDC (12V) / ≥34VDC (24V) automatic shutdown

Overload 110%



Built-in temperature real time sensor

≥85℃ alarm, ≥90℃ automatic shutdown

Short circuit Automatic shutdown
Output Transfer Efficiency ≥85%
Output voltage

(DC battery mode) 220/230/240VAC ±3%

(DC battery mode) 110/120/130VAC ±3%

Output Frequency (DC battery mode) 60/50Hz ±1%
Output Wave form Pure sine wave
Output voltage

(AC mains mode) stable 220/230/240VAC ±10% output

(AC mains mode) stable 110/120/130VAC ±10% output

(built-in AVR regulator)

AVR output


For 220VAC output:

AC mains<170VAC±5% switch to DC battery mode,

AC mains>180VAC±5% returns to AC mains mode.

For 110VAC output:

AC mains<80VAC±5% switch to DC battery mode,

AC mains>90VAC±5% returns to AC mains mode.

For 220VAC output:

AC mains>275VAC±5% switch to DC battery mode,

AC mains<255VAC ±5% return to AC mains mode.

For 110VAC output:

AC mains<80VAC±5% switch to DC battery mode,

AC mains>90VAC ±5% return to AC mains mode.

The above is for output 220VAC/110VAC system reference,

for 230VAC/240VAC, 120VAC/130VAC output

just multiply by percentage.

Output frequency (AC mains mode) automatic tracing from AC input
Other Transfer time inbuilt AC bypass replay (≤5ms)
Display LED Indicator, LCD Display with functional buttons
Cooling system

Intelligent fan cooling control syste

≤42℃ slow fan, ≥45℃ fast fan


RS-485 port(default)

WIFI module connectable





4 battery types


SLA / AGM / Gel / Lithium Battery & Customized

Deep sulphation cycle 15.5 for 4 hours

Charging Voltage 13.6-14.2VDC (12V) / 27.2-28.4VDC (24V)
Charging current 15A steady
3 Stages charging Boost charging, direct charging, float charging

Over charge


Battery voltage ≧16VDC (12V) ≧32VDC (24V),

stop charging after 60s alarm






Charge current MPPT 30A / 40A
Max. PV input 135VDC

Max. PV

array power

Battery Voltage 30A 40A
12VDC 420W 570W
24VDC 840W 1130W
Charging Efficiency >96.5%

Temperature protection

No load current <5mA

Charge circuit drop


Discharge circuit drop


Over charge protection

17V (12V) / 34V (24V) stop charging
Boost charging 14.6V (12V) / 29.2V (24V) Duration: 30mins
Direct charging 14.4V (12V) / 28.8V (24V) Duration: 30mins
Float charging 13.6V(12V) / 27.2V (24V) until reach charging recovery voltage
Charge recovery 13.8V (12V) / 27.6V (24V)

Over discharge


12.5V (12V) / 25V (24V)
Low voltage 10.5V (12V) / 21V (24V) alarm
Over discharge 10V (12V) / 20V (24V) automatic shutdown



-3mV/℃ (Boost charging, Direct charging,

float charging and charging recover voltage compensation)

Control method MPPT smart charging, maximum power point tracking
Temperature -20~+75℃



Over charging, over discharging, overload and short circuit
Anti-reverse connection protection for solar panel

All protections are harmless to any parts and fuse of controller;

fuse is only for ultimate protection.



Temperature -20~+75℃
Humidity <95%




Packing size 396*294*145 mm
Gross Weight 10 kg 11 kg
Quantity / Carton 1 set / carton
* Product specifications are subject to change without further notice

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