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  • Inverter 240V
  • Inverter 240V
  • Inverter 240V
  • Inverter 240V
  • Inverter 240V
  • Inverter 240V
Inverter 240VInverter 240VInverter 240VInverter 240VInverter 240VInverter 240V

Inverter 240V

  • Model No.: HI Series
  • Rated Power: 350W/500W/600W/700W/1000W/1200W
  • DC Input Voltage: 12/24VDC; AC Output Voltage: 120/220/230VAC(optional); Output Frequency: 50/60Hz Single Phase
  • inbuilt AC Battery Charger: 15A
  • Product description: Inverter 240V. ONE SOLAR offers quality inverters from HI series to meet different customer needs, with high quality and competitive price. HI series Inverter is the ideal solution for a wide range of

Product details of inverter 240v

Why people need inverter 240v?

People living in remote locations or places exposed to frequent power outages need a reliable and versatile solution for powering their appliances.

Disadvantages of traditional generator

Traditional generators can be loud, dangerous, and difficult to transport. They also require gasoline or diesel fuel which can be expensive and hard to find in some areas.

Why choose ONE SOLAR inverter 240v?

The HI series inverter is the perfect solution for those who need a reliable way to power their appliances. This inverter converts DC power from a battery into AC power that can be used to run a wide range of appliances, including refrigerators, televisions, lights, and more. It is safe, quiet, and easy to use, making it the perfect choice for anyone who needs backup power.

Various products of ONE SOLAR

Parameter of Inverter 240V
Product HI Series Inverter 240V
Model HI-351
HI-501 HI-601 HI-701 HI-801 HI-102 HI-122
Capacity Rated Power 350W 500W 600W 700W 800W 1KW 1.2KW
Peak Power 1KW 1.5KW 1.8KW 2.1KW 2.4KW 3KW 3.6KW
Input Battery system 12VDC 12/24VDC
DC input voltage 10.5-15VDC(12V) / 21-30VDC(24V)
AC input range

145-275VAC (220/230/240VAC) ±4%,

70-150VAC (110/120/130VAC) ±4%

AC input


50Hz: 45-65Hz / 60Hz: 55-65Hz, ±0.5Hz

(50Hz/60Hz automatic recognition)


Low voltage

and restore

≤10.5VDC(12V) / ≤21VDC(24V) alarm

≤10VDC(12V) / ≤20VDC(24V) automatic shutdown

Low voltage protection & restore value are programmable:

10-15VDC(12V) / 20-30VDC(24V)

High voltage

≥15VDC(12V) / ≥30VDC(24V) alarm

≥17VDC(12V) / ≥34VDC(24V) automatic shutdown

Overload 110%



Built-in temperature real time sensor,

≥85℃ alarm, ≥90℃ automatic shutdown

Short circuit Automatic shutdown
Output Efficiency ≥87%
Output voltage

(DC battery mode) 220/230/240VAC ±3%

(DC battery mode) 110/120/130VAC ±3%

Frequency (DC battery mode) 60/50Hz ±1%
Wave form Pure sine wave
Output voltage

(AC mains mode) stable 220/230/240VAC ±10% output

(AC mains mode) stable 110/120/130VAC ±10% output

(built-in AVR regulator)

AVR output


For 220VAC output:

AC mains<145VAC±5% switch to DC battery mode,

AC mains>155VAC±5% returns to AC mains mode.

For 110VAC output:

AC mains<80VAC±5% switch to DC battery mode,

AC mains>90VAC±5% returns to AC mains mode.

For 220VAC output:

AC mains>275VAC±5% switch to DC battery mode,

AC mains<255VAC ±5% return to AC mains mode.

For 110VAC output:

AC mains<80VAC±5% switch to DC battery mode,

AC mains>90VAC ±5% return to AC mains mode.

The above is for output 220VAC/110VAC system reference,

for 230VAC/240VAC, 120VAC/130VAC output

just multiply by percentage.

Frequency (AC mains mode) automatic tracing from AC input
Other Transfer time Inbuilt AC bypass replay (≤5ms)
Display LED Indicator, LCD Display with functional buttons
Cooling system

Intelligent fan cooling control system,

≤42℃ slow fan, ≥45℃ fast fan





1/7 battery types

can be

default set

Gel U.S.A. / Gel European / A.G.M.1 / A.G.M.2 /

Sealed lead acid / Open lead acid / Calcium(open)

Deep sulphation cycle 15.5 for 4 hours

Charge Voltage 13.6-14.2VDC (12V) / 27.2-28.4VDC (24V)
Charge current

15A steady

3 stages charge Boost charging, direct charging, float charging
Over charge

Battery voltage ≧16VDC (12V) ≧32VDC (24V),

stop charging after 60s alarm




01 AC mains priority

Always use AC mains as priority input to provide AC output

and automatically charge the battery,

only stops charging when battery is fully charged,

and only starts DC to AC converting until AC mains is off

02 Energy saving

Loading≤10% automatic shutdown,

loading≥11%-100% automatic turn on during converting

03 DC battery priority

Always use DC battery as priority input to provide AC output,

for 12V system, when battery≥13V, starts DC to AC converting;

when battery≤10.5V during converting,

switch to AC mains mode to provide AC output

and automatically start charging the battery

(for 24V system, multiply by 2 times accordingly)



Temperature -20~+75℃
Humidity <95%




Product size 280*275*120mm
Packing size 345*315*187mm
Net Weight 7.5kg 8.1kg 8.3kg 8.5kg 9.0kg 9.1kg 9.3kg
Gross Weight 8.0kg 8.6kg 8.8kg 9.0kg 9.5kg 9.7kg 10.0kg
Quantity / Ctn 1 set / carton
* Product specifications are subject to change without further notice

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